In the Finnish language, the word tila is used loosely in defining locality, state or position. It can be translated into English as 'space', 'place', 'area', 'room' or 'state of mind', among other meanings. Though sometimes synonymous with spatiality, it has a more finite meaning in connections such as lounge space, storage space or shelf space.

The variety of meanings and various dimensions of this word in the Finnish language inspired Pertti Kekarainen (b. 1965) to plan and realize his most recent series of works TILA.

In formal terms, Pertti Kekarainen's works are characterized by the multi-interpretative nature of space. He combines his photographs with local elements of colour that sometimes appear to conform to the space presented in the piece and are sometimes contrary to it. These features create tension and a slightly surreal atmosphere. The light in the photographs is beautiful and specific to these works.