Pertti Kekarainen’s works are characterised by a certain slowness, strangeness and an element of surprise. They requite time. The first view gradually acquires more observations, transitions and places within the images. One may notice the black tip of a shoe in the lower corner of a photograph the shape of a human figure or a line curving unnaturally in shadows. On the other hand, movement between the works reveals the richness of working in series. The viewer moving about in the exhibition space is made part of continuous spatial change. 

Originally trained as a painter and sculptor, Kekarainen has worked on his “Space” and “Spatial Changes” series of works since 2004. In them, he adds various visual elements to the two-dimensional surfaces of photographs, such as lines, bars, spheres and fields of colour that challenge the reading of the image and create new interpretation of space. In his latest works, Kekarainen has been interested in the notion of vibration, the basic vibration of our physical reality that permeates the universe from the movements of particles to the waves of the oceans. The uniform bars, lines and angles of the visual surface have partly shifted the works and the softpoints of oscillation create a blurred and spacious weave. In some of the works, the perception of vibration opens up to juddering before being condensed in the next piece into a precise set of lines resembling tremors.