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Heini Aho: The Square Elephant
puu, akryylihartsi, huonekalut, tapetti, video / wood, acrylic resin, furniture, wallpaper, video
159 x 108 x 53 cm
photo: Jussi Tiainen
Heini Aho: Things Seem to Fit Together, but Nothing Makes Sense
puiset objektit ja huonekalut, lasipullo, akryylihartsi, kangas / wooden objects and furniture, glass bottle, acrylic resin, fabric
118 x 119 x 91 cm
photo: Jussi Tiainen
Heini Aho: Joy of Being Together
huonekalut, irtileikatut kulmat, video / furniture, cut off corners, video
122 x 290 x 155 cm
photo: Jussi Tiainen