Janne Räisänen
A Secret Entrance to an Enchanted Garden – There Is Still Hope
9 Aug  – 2 Sep  2012
Relaxed, sensitive, precise. Amusing, moving, serious. Very manly and very cute. Aware of history and forgetting it. Spirited. Flighty. Rushing. Panning. Heroic, erotic, and like the sandman. Paints and draws intensely. 

Janne Räisänen (born 1971 in Pudasjärvi) is all this and a hundred other things. An exhibition of his latest work will open the autumn season at Galerie Anhava. 

Räisänen has maintained innocent openness, independence and an ability for direct perception. The power of imagination and free association. Despite their apparent ease, Räisänen’s works are based on solid professionalism, a knowledge of the history of art and the ability to express complex things precisely.