Janne Räisänen
Ilona's Street Wise Boy
8 Apr  – 2 May  2010
Janne Räisänen (born 1971) is a sensitively rough and ready, laid-back pedantic painter whose themes come from popular culture, politics, erotica, phenomenology and the pinnacles of art history alike.

The scale of his works can range from a small note to a nine-metre diary watercolour or from a pocket-sized painting to a three-metre panorama of the throbbing city night.

When considering Janne Räisänen's paintings, one cannot see behind the corner. A surprise will no doubt be waiting there. These works combine in a strange way momentariness – the moments of experience and painting – with permanence – the enduring nature of the uttered word, the painted line.

In addition to the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Janne Räisänen has studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1999, he was elected Young Artist of the Year, together with Janne Kaitala and Jukka Korkeila. He has also been rector of the Free Art School in Helsinki.