ART Cologne
Stand E029 Hall 11.2
14 Apr  – 17 Apr  2016
Galerie Anhava is pleased to present the following selection of international and Finnish artists at ART COLOGNE:

ANNE-KARIN FURUNES (b. 1961, Norway) is one of Norway’s most widely known artists on the international scene. In recent years, her monochromatic perforated portraits have fascinated viewers in venues including the Museo Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, Millesgården in Stockholm, and private galleries in Quebec, New York and Helsinki. She uses a photographic image as a starting-point for her perforated acrylic paintings. In her works, visual charm combines with statements on behalf of oppressed and marginalized people, such as women classified by the Swedish Institute of Racial Researching in the Portraits of Pictures paintings.

MATTI KUJASALO (b. 1946, Finland) has been working consistently in concretist art for over forty years. Kujasalo, one of the internationally most well-known Finnish artists, has developed a unique grammar of his own, while continuously discovering new areas of freedom within self-imposed boundaries. His works have a special lyrical tone and character that are rarely associated with constructivist art. Kujasalo’s works are included in the collections such as the Albertina in Vienna, the Arithmeum in Bonn, the Forum Konkrete Kunst Museum in Erfurt, the Joseph Albers Museum in Bottorp, along with numerous private collections in Finland, Scandinavia, other European countries, and the United States.

PE LANG (b. 1974, Switzerland) is a Swiss artist working in Berlin. His works are mechanical-kinetic pieces addressing the visual and poetic possibilities of matter, physics and mathematics. He carries on the tradition of constructivist and kinetic art, doing so in a captivating and fascinating manner. Pe Lang’s sound sculptures and moving objects are surprising and elegant works in which each part justifies itself through its relationship with the whole. In recent years, his works have been exhibited in Beijing, Miami, Nagoya City, Paris, London, San Francisco, and Tokyo, among others. The artist’s works are found in collections such as the Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul, the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception in San Francisco and the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation for Art in Michigan.

JORMA PURANEN (b. 1951, Finland) has become known for his photographs that arouse considerations spanning the past and the present. Landscape, culture, history and identity are his primary subject matters. Over the years, Puranen has been working on specific projects, such as Icy Prospects that explores the aesthetics of landscape, light and shade. The pictures are made by painting a wooden board with black gloss paint, reflecting the surrounding landscape on the wood, and photographing the reflection. His works have been exhibited across Europe and are found in many notable collections, for example in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and in Moderna Museet in Stockholm. In 2014 he was granted the Overseas Photographer Award at the Higashikawa International Photo Festival in Japan.

ANNA TUORI (b. 1976 in Finland) is interested in the concept of the ‘Das Unheimliche’, or ‘uncanny’; the point at which the familiar starts to become strange. Painterly devices and gestures have a strong presence in her works: brushstrokes, colour dots and traces of the act of painting are of central interest through which a multitude of visual abundance is created. Anna Tuori completed her studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Her works have been on display in the Nordic countries, most countries of Central Europe, China, the United States, and most recently in the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri. She has been shortlisted for the Ars Fennica Prize and the Carnegie Art Award.

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