Grönlund - Nisunen
7 Jan  – 31 Jan  2016
The universe – and even our closer environment, our small place in the cosmos – is full of forces that attract and repel, make waves, cause things to become attached, and create a shine or something that the human senses perceive as colour, warmth, coldness or even moisture.

We usually regard these things to be self-evident: green is green, water thrown on the stones of a sauna stove evaporates, and one will easily slip on ice.

Grönlund-Nisunen, however, notice and consider things like this, which provide a starting point or fuel for their artistic work.

In this exhibition, a steel hoop moves on cables stretched from one corner of a room to another without ever reaching its destination. A small steel cube is colder than the air in the room, making the moisture in the air condensate on its surface. A randomly rising grid of steel balls projects a “landscape” onto a wall. Automatically steered RGB-LED spotlights focus on a sheet of glass between them, on which there is a sandblasted circle the size of the beam of the spotlight that is closer, with continuously changing colours mixed on the surface of the glass. A motor tilts an aquarium filled with two fluids of different density creating a continuous wave motion at the interface of the fluids. A long story of looking for an installation venue and planning a work of art is crystallized as an analogue photograph of a park of memories.

Grönlund-Nisunen’s works are always pared down, uncluttered and strict and despite that, or precisely because of it, they are fascinating and lyrical: a poem is the shortest way to express a complex and important matter.