Jorma Hautala
13 Jan  – 6 Feb  2011
Jorma Hautala (born 1941), the leading living classic figure of Finnish modernism, will celebrate his 70th birthday in January 2011. The birthday reception will take place from 5 to 7 pm on Friday 21 January at Galerie Anhava, but before that an anniversary exhibition featuring the artist's latest works will open to the public.
Jorma Hautala is an icon of Finnish modern art. As befits an icon, tradition, its forms and intellectual import, its values, are present in his work.

In our cynical age of value relativism, Jorma Hautala, with his charisma and depth, makes us remember and experience the ultimate existence of inalienable values in art. There are things that are good and less so, beauty, wisdom and other things, and we must be aware of this and distinguish them.

Jorma Hautala has the need, will and ability to paint like no one else in this genre in Finland. That is why his art is important and he is a classic.

The exhibition will include a catalogue with an article by the architect Juhani Pallasmaa.