Anna Tuori
Tell You Later, Dear
7 Apr  – 8 May  2011
Anna Tuori (born 1976) will display her latest paintings in "Tell You Later, Dear" at Galerie Anhava.

Tuori's works have always been characterized by the conflicting nature of their internal emotional states – the blending of innocent, childlike observations, lightness and beauty with a feeling of expectation and threat. Tensions which are difficult to express verbally but which the viewer will recognize and know.

Tuori's latest paintings are even more cogent than before. Their manner of execution is, on the one hand, fearless, almost bold, while on the other hand extremely sensitive and sensuous. Their subject matter comes from the boundaries of dream and reality, their conception of time is episodic, and they are of incommensurate scale. Despite these polarities, Anna Tuori's paintings are complete and balanced works giving the viewer the opportunity for a total, integrated experience.

In recent years, Anna Tuori's works have been on display in all the Nordic countries, most countries of Central Europe, the United States and China. She has been shortlisted for the Ars Fennica Prize and the Carnegie Art Award.