Päivi Takala
5 Oct  – 25 Oct  2009
Päivi Takala (born 1970) is fine painter, whose previous exhibitions in Finland have aroused attention, admiration and expectations. Her work has been on show, with acclaim, at events such as Art Forum Berlin and the Stockholm Market Art Fair. She now fulfils expectations with her new exhibition "Background".

Takala's paintings are characterized by extremely sensitive and skilled execution, showing how her skills have developed even further. This painter has command of her medium and knows how to use it in an appropriate, light and precise manner.

The artist poses questions that interest those who are interested in painting. What is an image? In what way is it an image? In what other respects could it be that? Can a work of art be simultaneously equivocal yet unequivocally a painting? Is the absence of a subject in fact as significant, as much a subject, as its presence? Can a painting be completely figurative yet completely abstract at the same time? How is such a painting made?

Päivi Takala's paintings are at once fast and slow. They are interesting already at first sight and they have an allure attracting the viewer to look longer at them. Over a long period of time they are filled, not emptied.