Eggert Pétursson
Arctic Flora
12 May  – 15 Jul  2011
Iceland has a natural environment that is rugged and mysterious. But it is also rich in natural species, generous and open. It just has to be noticed and seen. Eggert Pétursson has always seen. From an early age, he began to study nature, its flora, while also drawing and painting the individuals and circles of friends of the plant kingdom. His paintings are a unique combination of encyclopaedic precision, true knowledge of what he is painting and the expressive power of an artist – brushwork, a sense of material and colourism extending from wild yet nuanced glows of colour to extremely restrained and refined ranges of light tones. Eggert Pétursson is with due cause one of Iceland's most beloved painters. His work has been displayed not only in Scandinavia but also in most Central European countries, the United States and Japan. The present showing is Eggert Pétursson's first solo exhibition in Finland.