Päivi Takala
Vanitas Series
16 Mar  – 8 Apr  2012
Päivi Takala (born 1970) tapes on the canvases of her works motifs (such as mountains or trees) or subjects (Tatlin's tower, Malevich's cross) familiar from the history of art, and waits for the tape to start to come loose, partly dismantling the image. She then uses this semi-disintegrated image as a model for a further painting in oils.

Her works thus involve several visual levels of the same intensity. There is the simplified and stylized image made with tape, an image of its partial destruction, and an almost photorealistically accurate painting of the latter. The completion of the painting is followed by the viewer's choice of what he or she regards to be the motif, the level of focus and what is experienced.

Päivi Takala notes: "As pieces, the works exist and survive, and the art does not disappear anywhere. But when the artist lets go of the artwork, places it on display, the work as it was in relation to its author, his or her thinking and the prevailing moment no longer exists. The artist creates pieces to be worked upon and charged by others. In a sense, the artwork does not exist; it only reflects what happens to be in the air… In this sense, even art history does not deal with works of art but instead with the thinking that has concerned them at different times."